This is a little about my story and how CINERGY FITNESS evolved.

My name is Cinnie Noble and I am a former social worker and lawyer. When I am not helping people find their way through conflict as an executive coach (conflict management coaching) and mediator in my “day job”, I teach classes that help people find their way to improved fitness through movement and balance training. Let me tell you more…

Several years ago, after decades of participating in a wide range of exercises, I began looking for something that was different and fun and that would help strengthen my flexibility, balance and coordination. I thought that if I learn something new with the goal of teaching others – who may be looking for new exercise too – it would be extra fun. So, I became certified as an Older Adult Fitness Specialist (CanFitPro) and proceeded to get further training and instruction in the type of exercise that would fulfil my goal.

Loving music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I hired Micaiah Ganz of Healing Through Dance, a very talented dancer, yoga instructor and personal trainer, to design low impact and rhythmic movement to songs from these various eras, as well as some contemporary music. Since there is a mixture of music and steps, I refer to these classes as Medley Moves.

Realizing the importance of balance, gait and posture, too, I subsequently attended a BoneFit course under the auspices of Osteoporosis Canada and another program called “New Tools for Active Aging Tool Box”. These courses inspired me to develop a program specific to improving balance and now, I also teach classes that focus only on this important aspect of fitness.

Besides teaching in Toronto, I am thrilled that my efforts have expanded to California and The Oaks at Ojai where I am a guest instructor until its closure in 2018.

Happily, I am no longer looking for the right program for me! I feel fortunate that many others who come to my classes are as passionate as I am about fitness in which movement intersects with balance exercises to strengthen our bodies, mobility and flexibility.